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FD Tartufi Fresh White Truffle Alba

Price: $360.00
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M Fresco, Inc

This product was wholly produced in Italy.

Price: $360.00
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FD Tartufi Fresh White Truffle Alba

Fresh White Truffle alba also known as Tuber Magnatum Pico is the epitome of luxury and culinary excellence. Harvested from fall until December, its unmistakable aroma captivates with intense yet delicate notes. Fresh White Truffle Alba


  • Clean under running water, gently brushing to remove dirt.
  • Enhance flavors by adding in hot dishes.
  • Slice thinly with a truffle slicer for raw use.
  • Perfect for butter, cream, cheese, or egg dishes.


  • Refrigerate for 5-7 days in an airtight container wrapped in kitchen paper to preserve aroma and moisture.
  • Change paper daily to maintain freshness.
  • Wash only before use to retain earthy flavor.
  • Consume promptly or freeze within 1-2 days.

100% Fresh White Truffle Tuber Alba.

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