About us

Concept Food Brokers - Gourmet Foods - Truffle Specialties

We are an entrepreneurial family business sales organization with strong passion, experience, knowledge, and know-how, whose mission is to bring buyers and sellers together for their mutual advantage.

To understand the full extent of the culinary expertise and epicurean passion behind M Fresco, Inc it helps to take a glimpse into the life of its founder; his dedication to providing the highest unique and superior quality products comes from his rich history in Fine Italian Foods and Hospitality Industries.

Mario, our founder, left Italy at the age of 22 and started his life career in 1996 in the United Kingdom, England, London.

Not knowing the English language besides his grammar notions from High School, went to work in a restaurant kitchen prepping salads. Within a year, was appointed as an Accountant and Managing Director for a Company specialized in Importing and Distributing Fine Italian Foods and Fresh Truffles in England, London; serving Restaurants, Celebrity Chefs, Blue Chip Companies, Retailers, developing and mastering Sales, Administrative, and Logistics skills for the following 11 years.

With a strong general business acumen acquired in the UK, at the age of 33, in 2007 Mario moves to the United States of America, Los Angeles California, with the clear intention to start an Import company focused on Gourmet Italian Foods and Fresh Truffles, supplying mainly Foodservice Operations. He also went to work as a restaurant manager where he learned more about Food Industry and customer demand.

He knew that the only way to be successful was to provide something unique with outstanding Service and offer Quality.

In 2012 Mario joined a company leader in the industry as California Managing Director and successively in 2015 started his own food brokerage company.

Professionalism, Passion, Care, Know-how, Expertise, and attention to every single detail are our trademarks.