Our Mission

Promote Italian Gourmet Foods, Fresh Truffles, and Truffled products while offering the possibility to taste Truffle Specialties all year round through our ever-expanding line FD TARTUFI TRUFFLE SPECIALTIES® naturally preserved and non-GMO Truffled Products.

The various Fresh Truffles are only available during their short and specific season of the year and are extremely unique and precious, difficult to find, and delicate.Fresh truffles can be ordered and purchased here all year round as the various truffle varieties come into season at different times of the year.

Our Fresh Truffles are supplied directly from the Hunters to the Consumers, allowing Buyers to taste this exquisite subterranean fungus at its finest.

Contact us to find out more about our Truffles and Harvesting periods.

We supply fresh, top-quality products, for many delicious recipes.

Our main priorities are quality and service ensuring that your Truffles are at their finest when they reach you, this lack of intermediaries and third-party distributors also allows you to purchase the best Truffles at the best prices.

Harvested in Italy, Spain, France, and Australia

Our truffles are harvested in Italy, Spain, France, and Australia. Knowledge, years of relationships with a network of related truffle hunters, and experience allow us to offer a product with unmistakable appearance, fragrance, and taste. We sell only the finest truffles selected for their appearance, fragrance, shape, and taste. The search for quality takes us on a continuous journey throughout Italian, Spanish and French regions to the best production areas so we can personally select a high-quality product.

The secret is to go to the source and relying on our experience, we touch, see and smell the truffles first hand, the only way to recognize what is truly unique, rare, and precious. Our Truffled Products are particularly indicated for appetizers, pasta, main courses, pizza, bruschetta, salad, sushi, tacos.