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FD Tartufi Fresh Black Burgundy Truffle

Price: $119.99
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This product was wholly produced in Italy.

Price: $119.99
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Fresh Black Burgundy Truffle also called Tuber Uncinatum, has a more intense taste than the Black Summer Fresh Truffles and is found during the autumn season

Mode of use

To facilitate the cleaning of the Fresh Black Burgundy Truffle keep it soaked for about ten minutes in cold water, then under running water and with the help of a brush wash the truffle eliminating the last earth residues. Once the truffle is clean, use it to taste on your plates, preferably on hot dishes that enhance the flavor if you decide to cut it raw using a sliced ​​truffle. Otherwise, you can grate and use the ground obtained to prepare an excellent oil-based sauce. We, therefore, recommend a sauté with garlic and extra virgin olive oil, to which, once lukewarm, the minced truffle seasoned with salt and a pinch of pepper will be added. Enjoy your Fresh Black Burgundy Truffles 

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