Aphrodisiac Truffle

Sep 06, 2019MFRESCO INC
Aphrodisiac Truffle

The aphrodisiac history of black and white truffle. A legendary aphrodisiac of ancient Rome, truffles are still among the most prized ingredients in the culinary world. ... It is believed–although yet to be confirmed by modern science–that truffles' musky scent replicates the scent of the male pheromone androstenone.

All this still does not give us the certainty of the aphrodisiac power of the truffle, but a rumor that after more than 2000 years is still considered valid, perhaps it is not just a rumor ...

Truffles have always had that reputation and they were consumed more by its alleged aphrodisiac virtues than for its culinary qualities. Galen, a Greek physician, recommended the truffle "to produce a general excitement that predisposes voluptuousness". Ibn Abdun (12th century) in his treatise, "warned" against them saying: "Truffles should not be sold around the mosque, because they are a delicacy of the dissolute". Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826), French gourmet, writer, referred to the truffle as "The black diamond of gastronomy" and wrote: "Whoever says truffle, pronounces a great word, which awakens erotic and gourmand ideas both in the sexed in petticoats and in the bearded portion of humanity "," the truffle is not exactly an aphrodisiac, but it is said to be the evil wild boar, but the issue is still in the air.


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